I’m joking

It’s a beautiful evening at a popular tourist destination. Many of the tourists, including a (medical) doctor, have decided to dine in a fine restaurant. Amid the dinner, somebody starts forcefully coughing in the table next to the doctor’s. The doctor gets up, goes to the adjacent table and sees a man with a big, half-eaten steak in front of him, coughing like crazy. The doctor asks the entourage:

–Is he choking?!

–Of course he isn’t [joking], one of the people said while patting the coughing man on the back.

–Oh, that’s good, he had me worried for a moment.

Or maybe it went like this:

–Is he joking?!

–Well what does it look like, of course he is [choking]!

–Oh, thank God, I thought it was serious.

Well, actually joke [dʒoʊk] is pronounced differently from choke [t͡ʃəʊk] – but I don’t think I would hear, let alone pronounce, the difference.



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