Kyle Mills: Free Fall

Kyle Mills has two obvious skills as an author:

  1. He is able to portray his characters as individuals, both in their actions and in the way they speak.
  2. He uses very original and amusing metaphors that make his prose pleasant to read and often funny.

Free Fall, Mills’s second novel, was published in 1998 [EDIT: 2000, I had a false memory] but is still current in 2012. An interesting presidential election is at hand in the U.S.: there are three candidates, and even the third-party candidate has substantial support. Campaigning is, obviously, far from clean!

In the meanwhile, a sensitive bunch of old FBI documents is found. {The finder is too curious to just give it to his employer, deciding to take it and run instead. An old friend of his, a young idealist of a rock-climber with no appreciation for money and power, is robbed of her positive life attitude, becoming framed for his murder. It’s her turn to run.}

Free FallMark Beamon, an FBI agent suspended from his work due to having made the political elite angry, is then hired by a mystery employer to find the missing young woman. Quite a task! {During the search, Beamon becomes convinced of the woman’s innoscence, but making the real wrongdoers responsible for their actions proves somewhat impossible.}

Even Tom Clancy recommends Kyle Mills’s books, according to the book’s covers. So do I. Free Fall is fun to read, though I’ve read books with more thrill to the end.



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