The Irish, a forgiving people

After the Irish people voted against Lisbon Treaty, the governing EU elite became upset but remained arrogant.

The thing with Nice Treaty teached the Euro-elite one valuable lesson: don’t allow referenda to take place. So, the French among others didn’t get another chance to vote wrong; the Irish constitutional court was yet independent enough to demand a referendum.

What happened and how some powerful politicians reacted after the “failed” referendum turned me into a fanatic EU criticist. Awareness of the ruling elite’s pre-referendum actions deepened my discontent. I learned that knowledge of the Treaty’s contents was held back, and the Irishmen didn’t know what they were voting about. But neither did the elected members of parliaments of the member states, and they chose to ratify the Treaty anyway.

Recent polls show that 55 percent of the Irish people are pro-Lisbon. They were most forgiving about the way the EU couldn’t take their no for an answer, about how the EU ignored their opinion and persistently urged forward the ratification process. The EU allowed for minor, positively cosmetic changes to the Treaty which still seems to be taking us towards a federation. I don’t want my native country, Finland, to become just a member state in a federally governed USA-like entity. Even if we can rely on the EU not becoming precisely like the USA, we’ve gone too far already.

Who needs a federal Europe? It’s not best for the people – only rulers with a desire for huge powers have the huge urge to drive us into such a system.

The fact that no other nation of the EU is allowed to have a say about the Treaty should be a big enough reason, in itself, for the Irish to reject the Treaty in the next week’s referendum.


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